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Hit 'Em Up (Skizzy Mars Diss) Lyrics

Hi-Rez – Hit 'Em Up (Skizzy Mars Diss) Lyrics

Ha ha!
Honestly, I was fucking around...until homie disrespected me

In high school, you were the black kids that hang around with white dudes
G-Eazy the only fucking reason people like you
I grew up bumping Snoop, Eminem, and OutKast
You probably grew up bumping Nelly Furtado and Lance Bass!
Your fucking name is Myles Mills
Who the fuck is Myles Mills?
When your mom was pregnant, bet she probably popped a pile of pills
Instead, she should have got an abortion and just had the child killed
Honestly, who the fuck named their child Myles Mills?!
You remind me of Theo Cosby
Favorite sport? Probably hockey
Favorite movie? Probably Rocky
Just another carbon copy who bound to get lost in the game, just like Jumanji
You the Karate Kid
Me? I'm more Mr. Miyagi
You a motherfucking snitch, sort of like Jose Canseco
I swear you kinda look like the dude from Reading Rainbow
You may got love on the Net, but you got none in the streets
I bet you type on Twitter, talking with a gun in your teeth
When there's a problem, me, I solve it 'cause I always roll deep
When there's a problem with you, shit, I bet you run to police!
You probably use white words like "Oh, gosh!" and "tomfoolery"
I bet you shop at Whole Foods and fucking eat gluten-free!
I'm basic? Bruh, you the fucking one who should be talking!
You rap so monotone, you sound like Stephen Hawking!
Mr. Rogers is more hood than you
Bullet holes through your cardigan
Me, I'm on my Fresh Prince
You, you're more like Carlton
You'd have probably hung out with whites during the Apartheid
Tell me why you looking like the main dude from Smart Guy
Ain't nobody even fucking with you in your city, man!
Growing up, I bet your mom probably drove a minivan
All you do is rap about drinking 'til you black out
I bet you probably pregame to "All Star" by Smash Mouth
You the motherfucking type to run from a brawl
You probably scared to piss in urinals, you run to a stall
And put your dick in glory holes, fucking dudes through a wall
Every time you rap, you sound like you gargling balls!
When I drop this record, people gon' be shitting a brick
I bet that you the motherfucking type to sit when you piss!
I'm the type to be with them dudes who flipping a zip
You the type to pass on head so you can kiss on a bitch
Sounding like Drake on some molly when you spitting your shit
Watching Brokeback Mountain, probably licking your lips
Always rapping 'bout hoes, I bet you fuck with a man
I'm always pissed off, and misery loves company, damn!
Standing still when you perform, with your nuts in your hand
You out your Wayne Brady mind trying to fuck with, fam, for real!

Shout-out Monsoon!
Ha ha!
(Take money, take money...)
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