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Dicks Out For Harambe Lyrics

Hi-Rez – Dicks Out For Harambe Lyrics

All these girls used to talk shit, now they wanna kick it like karate
Pulling up in a foreign whip, I go ape shit like Harambe
Bitch bad she a cold killer, yo bitch basic use a dog filter
I don't need no damn [?] raps I take straight shots, Reggie Miller
Yo girl is sending text messages, don't reply but I read em'
When I get all the way up inside, stretch it out like Odell Beckham
Hit me up I got the flame it's super red, call it Charizard
Circle so small matter fact, I could fit em' all in a smart car
Going off with my family, do this shit for my grams
I go hard, my lyrics fire like the hoop in NBA Jam
Pulling up in that beamer, all white like some mayo'
I swear that I'm going way over they head, Donald Trump toupée tho'
I'm glad I'm out of my record deal, I'm making more independent
Labels be sending me E-mails but I just erase em' like Hillary Clinton
Fuck all my fake friends that only hit me up when shit is convenient
You can find me with some bad twins making a racket, Serena and Venus
Henny probably what I'm sipping on, making more green than Piccolo
You can find me out in Miami, making more hits than Ichiro
People always talk shit to me, honestly I don't give a damn
Only fuck her once never hit it twice like a picture on Instagram

I've been living on the road just to let you know
I've been getting dough just to let you know
I ain't focused on these hoes just to let you know
Just to let you know, just to let you know, know, know, know
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