Who wants to get drunk and smash bumper cars
I do, I do
Who's got a Sony demo that's ready for the Charts
I do, I do
Who calls his mom's vag on the fourth day of March
I do, I do
Who has dirty dreams about Rosanne Barr
Well, I guess that's me
That's me that's me

Hey Crush, what's up
Can you text me and tell me if I'm normal
Hey man good luck
I heard Dateless is looking for a bassist
I think it sucks
I don't understand why things are so important

Let's go get drunk
And pull stop signs into Baltimore apartments
Because I'm just a recluse
Get someone on the goddamn phone
I'm a recluse...

Who wants to take a dump when the toilet seats down
I do, I do
Who's favorite colours are yellow and brown
I do, I do
Who wants a motor scouter and a Blue Moon beer
I do, I do
Who's out of tune on Call It A Career
Well, I guess that's me
Or Jeremy
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I'm A Recluse! Lyrics

Hextalls – I'm A Recluse! Lyrics