Do you remember where you were when Hulk Hogan and Mr.
Beat the pulp out of Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper?
Everything in the room got smashed
We were losing our shit so fast
I watched you put your dog in the pile driver
Then your dad came in full blast from across the room
And you got rocked by a cobra clutch
There was nothing that I could do

Later in the day, I came and threw a rock at your
And as I walked away, that's when I heard the window
Never turn your fucking back on a Hulka-fucking-maniac

I thought about what you said and what I had to do

So I turned "The Eye of the Tiger" up full blast inside
My room
Dear mom and dad
I guess if you're reading this that I didn't make it
Hulk Hogan's dad kicked my ass
Dear mom and dad, give my Nintendo to the turtle
I'm never coming back
Don't look for your Penthouse under my bed
I'm sorry dad, I'm never coming back

See you later mom and dad, I'm never coming back
See you later, I'm never ever coming back
See you later, I'm a Hulka-fucking-maniac

As I stepped on to my bike, I noticed that the tire was
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I'm A Hulkamaniac! Lyrics

Hextalls – I'm A Hulkamaniac! Lyrics