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Strings Too Lyrics

Hendersin – Strings Too Lyrics

Fast life but career's in a slow-mo
End of my rope like a yo-yo
Name should be Duncan
It's been so many ups and downs I lost track of time, yo
I got a way with the words
I'm all about the action, I stay with the verbs
Shoutout to my city kids, the kids who lay in the burbs
And they wanna make it out
Yeah, you stay with the urge, I feel you
Way more than you'll ever know
Gotta embrace your roots if you wanna grow
And if you tryna live your dream
Know it's not what it seems to the people who don't ever sew
Well, I'm here to thread the needle
Take down the house that lies like Don Cheto
'Cause I do it for the people
I am not better or worse, I am equal
You know I had to drop the 808s
Burdens getting heavy like they made of weights
Music used to be relaxing
But nowadays it's taxing like what we pay the states
But this is everything I asked for
And you bet your bottom dollar I'ma ask more
Henny on QA, shoutout to my last tour
They talk about the ceiling but never mention the glass door
Getting in, it was everything I strived for
Back when I didn't know what I was alive for
Wouldn't let me in the front, snuck through the side door
The truth was hard to swallow, so I told 'em bring me five more
Like, oh man, we getting twisted
Lack of regrets, they insisted
My mistakes, well, I swear, I tried to list it
But I don't think a big enough piece of paper has ever existed
Well, you'd be hard-pressed to find one
It's a movement, tell 'em watch when my time come
Yeah, I am one in a million
I ain't running in the building for a deal just to sign one
'Cause there is no fake in me
And fuck a standing O, I prefer you take a knee
Most music careers, I hate to spoil it, can flush down the toilet
And that's the shit you hate to see
Yeah, it's like school the way I write notes
We in the lab everyday, no white coats
Say I don't sound black, okay with the white jokes
What can I say, nigga? I was raised by white folks
Scratch that, my dad is black-black
Backtrack, published like a ass cap
That fag, Mama drove a hatchback
Doesn't make me wack
Sleeping on me's still nuts, knapsack
Yes, I'm going harder for my daughter
She just took her first steps—fell, but I caught her
Only thing that matters in the end is what I taught her
Side note, she looks cute in the jacket that we bought her
By "we," I mean my wife, yeah, let's talk about she
She my ride or die girl till I D.I.E
She my pretty young thing, she my P.Y.T
She notorious for doing it, B.I.G
And if it wasn't for she, I'd sure be trapped to my mind
Out partying in bars, tryna act like I'm fine
With all these dark thoughts linger in the back of my mind
Might find a nine, prolly put it to the back of my mind
But wait, it's alright, I'm here now
And there is nothing that I fear now
We just made it through our tenth year now
It's so clear how...
You're an angel
And I love you
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