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Back Home Lyrics

Hendersin – Back Home Lyrics

[Verse 2: Kinetics]
I know a place back home where the dopest rap was livin'
Poets had a vision but never noticed swag or image
And rappers wore sweats whenever they stormed sets
Cause the word "swag" wasn't even born yet
See I'm from New York, so you know for my city I gotta battle
So the hottest rap'll be returned to the Rotten Apple
You gettin' socked and tackled, talkin' that sweet stuff
I'mma get a police truck, capture all these cheese puffs
And send 'em to Rikers Island to show 'em what bars is
Cause your bars are Charizard, you Pop-Tart kids
See, I am an arsonist, bars charged with larceny
No one gives a fuck if you ever started on varsity
Dog, you get a cracked dome, go back home
I been keepin' it thoroughbred and I still be watchin' my cash grow
Go back to the Roots, where's ya Common Sense at?
A hip-hop Tribe Called, and they want their Quest back
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