Undergod knows what¹s best for you
Undergod does what the book tells him to
Undergod knows what¹s wrong, what¹s right
The undergod sees in black and white

Undergod says you¹ll burn in hell
Undergod has forgiveness to sell
Undergod preys on fear and prejudice
The undergod promises a better place

Undergod takes life in his name
Undergod justifies his hate
Undergod sleeps so sound at night
And the motherfucker dreams in black and white

Moralise = more lies

The only condition is submission
The only salvation is him
The only religion is his religion
The price of admission; submit

On your knees

Feel the shame, feel the guilt
Feel the great weight from above


Love - unconditional
Hate - unconditional
Fear - shame - guilt
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Undergod Lyrics

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