My parents say - they still recall the day
The government assassinated jfk
The day the truth died - the bigger the lie
The easier they¹ll get that sucka by
Now in 01 - new millennium
They¹ve gone and got themselves an even bigger one
Fight for justice - against the terrorist
Comin¹ down hard with the full weight of god¹s fist

And we ask the wrong question
And we still haven¹t learnt a thing
And we count down from ten
And the flags burn again

The world mourns - 4000 gone
What went down was insane, no question
Families torn apart - left with broken hearts
Welcome to the world of a middle-east dissident
Iraq, japan - korea, vietnam
Suffered this and worse at western hands
Supplyin¹ US arms, droppin¹ US bombs
Fueled the fire that¹s now burnin¹ up the pentagon

If you¹re not with us you¹re against us
If you¹re not with us you¹ll taste our justice
If you¹re not with us you¹re a target
If you¹re not with us we¹ll teach you a lesson
You won¹t soon forget

Ground zero - tribute to the heroes
Turn it all into one big tv show
Justice infinite - is a ratings hit
24/7 don¹t miss a bit
Don¹t miss a bit - don¹t miss a hit - don¹t give a shit
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Burning Flag Lyrics

Headshot – Burning Flag Lyrics