Somewhere lost in selfish pity
Written deep inside my heart
Thriving unforgiven city
Bitter anger whole in part

Little promise unfulfilling
Snide remarks are left to die
Close your eyes it's all so chilling
Shameful secrets I love to hide

Slimy creatures
Monsters lurking
Dead flesh creeping
Inside me

Every breath becomes more painful
Living in the underground
You detest the part that lingers
Futures gone without a sound

My soul becomes a toxic waste dump
Tragedy is my despair
I'm standing here in desperation
I'm all alone and I don't care

My yesterday becomes tomorrow
Will this anguish ever end?
I've lived too long inside this darkness
I've got to force my knees to bend

It's bitterness that breeds misfortune
In my head it's nuclear war
Causing mass internal damage
Unforgiveness just breeds more

Chilling desolation
Exhausted soul and mind
Crossroads of my future
To live God's will not mine
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Slimy Creatures Lyrics

Headnoise – Slimy Creatures Lyrics