We live by faith, and not by our sight, we'd all rather die then dishonor Christ,
We have life through his blood she'd on the cross,
The gift of God the power of love, we are dead to the old flesh,
We stand crucified, we are one in the spirit, this is our cry...
No Compromise, no compromise, no compromise
We'll never deny the death of Christ, the cross of freedom,
Gods sacrifice, risen from the grave, liberty from sin,
Set apart we are born again,
Power to the people who lift up the cross come follow Jesus and save the lost.
Deny Christ? We'd rather die!
Saints were tortured and refused to be released
So that they might gain a better resurrection,
Some forced jeers and floggings,
While others were chained and put in prison,
They were stoned, they were sawed in two.
They were put to death by the sword
They went about in sheepskin and goatskins distinctive,
Persecuted, and mistreated,
The world was not worthy of them, is the world worthy of us?
Will we deny Christ?
I will never deny Christ...deny, deny, deny, deny!
No Compromise!
Deny Christ?
We'd rather die!
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No Compromise Lyrics

Headnoise – No Compromise Lyrics