Give me a sign, a heap of faith.
My crosses bare.
I've fell from grace.
Give me a sky,
A forest of green.
A letter from God.
All of these things.
Don't want a limit.
I'll jump in the sky.
My body is wet but my
Hands remain dry.
Chorus: And I can see you Marjorie.
Now I can see you Marjorie.
So jump in the sky, jump in the sky.
Jump in the sky with me.
Jump in the sky, Jump in the sky..
Jump in the sky with me.
I want the answers, only you tell.
Laid out all bare.
Fly me to hell.
Keep me from lies.
Keep me from greed.
Keep me from life,
Inside of a seed.
I bury my heart inside of a shell.
I keep it inside but I wear you well.
Don't make it a habit.
Seen nothing but stars.
You cannot have it.
I am who you are.

My shiny.
My shiny.
My ivory Marjorie.
Can you see her coming?
Crawlin up my skin.
I'll take what I wanted.
My pefect sin.
When you see her coming.
Coming up my skin.
Give you what you wanted.
My perfect skin.
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Marjorie Lyrics

Hayden Oran – Marjorie Lyrics