Ya mama cried.
Ya daddy cried.
No body cares anymore.
Ya daddy smiled.
Ya mama tried.
No body cares anymore
Rock is dead.
Rock's alive.
No body cares anymore.

Chorus: I'm not sure 'bout what you been through.
I'm not sure at all.
I'm not sure who you see looking back at you.
But, I'm extraordinary.
I'm extraordinary.
The teacher said.
Grow up and be anything you wanted.
The children said,
The children said,
You ain't ever gonna make it.
Roses red.
Roses red.
Petals fall off in the water.


I'm e-x-traordinary
I'm e-x-traordinary
Your baby cried.
Your baby lied.
Nobody cares anymore.
You loved him once.
You loved him twice.
I don't really care anymore.
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E-X Lyrics

Hayden Oran – E-X Lyrics