Sit around all day remote control glued to my hand
Just waiting for a visit from Ed McMahon
Oppourtunity is knockin but I can't open the door
Cause I'm shit faced drunk passed out on the kitchen floor
I'm a bum
Wating for my fortune to fall into my lap
But if I gotta work for it I'd rather take a nap
I can eat, I can sleep, I can play nintendo
But if you paid me to go to work, I still wouldn't go
I'm a bum
I'm a bum
Sit around all day
And I get nothin' done
I'm a bum
I'm a bum
That's right
I'm a bum
The boob tube replaced the dog
As man's best friend
Doesn't shit on the floor
Always has an ear to lend
Nacho supreme, a pizza
Ten hours of tv
Is all my life will ever be
If I could pick lotto numbers
Like I pick my nose
I'd escape the life of bein' an average Joe
Til' then I'll just sit around all day
Remote control in hand
Just waiting for a visit from Ed McMahon
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I'm A Bum Lyrics

Happy Campers – I'm A Bum Lyrics