Life sucks and then you die
So sit around and sulk, sit around cry
Another stupid girl has got you down again
Had another fling and lost another friend
Why can't I stay why can't I stay
Interested in you for longer than a day

I tried commitment I tried trust and
Ended up a victim of other peoples lust
Put my faith in other people's hands
Fell flat on my face won't try that again
Why Can't you stay Why can't you stay
Interested in me for longer than a day

Longing so much to care
It seems I can't 'cause I'm caringly impaired
I don't wanna hurt my self, mostly I don't want to hurt anybody else
Now a days it gets so hard to try
It's like they say once bitten twice shy
Aw what the hell throw the dice again
And take it past the point of being only friends
Maybe we'll lose and maybe we'll win
But there's no going back to being only friends
Why can't you stay Why can't I stay
Interested in us for longer than a day
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Caringly Impaired Lyrics

Happy Campers – Caringly Impaired Lyrics