Shadow face. A little boy out on the stage.
Oh his daddy sings and plays 'em another song.
Shadow face. Now his daddy's gone away,
And his mother says, son you must carry on.
Shadow face, you're much too young to take his place.
You'll be walkin' in his shadow for so long, for so long.
Shadow face, Oh they say you're of his (grace)?,
With your hair and beard and singin' strange new songs.

Shadow face, son you and your friends better slow down the pace,
Or you're gonna burn yourselves out before long.
Who ever told you, what you could and could not do.
Oh you get so tired of bein' told you're wrong,
But some of my friends are gone.
Better days, hear your songs on the hit parade,
Now they tell you we were behind you all the way. Yeah.
Shadow face, boy don't you let it all go to waste,
You've seen so many fall who thought they had it made.
Shadow face, you're much happier these days,
Does a smile really look so out of place,
Here on shadow face, right here on shadow face.
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Shadow Face Lyrics

Hank Williams Jr. – Shadow Face Lyrics