Move along big twenty, big twenty move along
You've got a master and you've got a home
Move along big twenty big twenty move along
You've got the muscle and you've got the bone

Went out on the Mojave with a twenty mule team
Ten tons of borax and a muleskinners dream
We'll soon be a-winin' and a-dinin' I know
With a cute little filly in the town of Reno

The Apaches are restless there's smoke in the sky
But I'm too old for scalpin' and I'm too young to die
But they'll soon be around us like ants on a hill
Bringin' this muleskinner up for the kill
(Here's where I can't remember much)

My mules started runnin' bring big twenty down
But we're still a-livin' so the story can be told
How I traded that borax for Apache gold
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Big Twenty Lyrics

Hank Williams Jr. – Big Twenty Lyrics