I've met a girl or two in my lifetime and I've loved a few but not the right time

I think I'm a wastin' my time lovin' anyone but you

You got a hold on me I just can't seem to break free

I walk a girl to town and start to fool around but honey you're the rock in my shoe

I stroll into the night spots thinkin' that I'm something real hot

I got a pretty girl and she's got a lot but I know she ain't true

It's just not the same I'm playin' a fool's game

Oh when I start to dance and try to make romance honey you're the rock in my shoe

Now my heart has reached that decision cause my mind keeps havin' a vision

No --- hers and his and and I guess I always knew

You'd make the bells ring and pull my heart strings

I'm walkin' down the aisle with the great big smile

Cause there ain't no rocks in my shoe

There's always a rock in my shoe when I walk with someone new

I try to find love in another's arms but it seems I just dream of you

Now my heart has reached...

I'm walkin' down the aisle...
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Rock In My Shoe Lyrics

Hank Williams Jr. – Rock In My Shoe Lyrics