[Sang by Sexecutioner]
Sexcuse me, but what-a good is all the violence in the world unless
It is toppled with limitless s**?
Bring out the limitless s**-object and allow me,
Sexecutioner to sexplain the seriousness of this subject,
Now if you all will attend to my words you will see....
I'm a naughty fellow
In fact I'm certainly not too very mellow I came to this place
To rearrange you face
Sexcuse me!
So you think you are all very smart
That you know many words
All you need to know
For the rest of your life
I'm Sexecuting ya Sexecutioner
I am from France
([Slymenstra]-He is from France)
And when you are in France,
You pull down you pants
([Slymenstra]-You pull down your pants)
And when you on your knees
([Slymenstra]-When your on your knees)
You will do as I please
([Slymenstra]-You'll do as he pleases)
Red Rover - bend over
And let s*** take over
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Sexecutioner Lyrics

Gwar – Sexecutioner Lyrics

Songwriters: GWAR GWAR
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