Once upon a time
There lived a man who did a crime
He set his whole town aflame
He says burn burn everybody
Let's all die and sing out loudly
Hey hey hey
He says none two three four
I declare a world war
Baby if you disagree
Then stay away from me

There's a baby on the way
My fair lady
You have no one else to pay
You just have left what you’ve never saved
If this life’s not what you crave
The road you’re walking is the road you pave
No we’re not all the same
I walk outside my door
Scream out loud
I want some more
Of the sun in my eyes
I may have lost my mind cause I wont stop not until I'm blind
Oh we’re all just the same
Oh we’re all the same
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Solar Trader Lyrics

Gunther Doug – Solar Trader Lyrics