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Time Rolls By Lyrics

Guerilla Maab – Time Rolls By Lyrics

F/ Russell Lee, Tony Montana

(Russell Lee)
Ooooooh-oooh, keep living your life
And everything will be alright

[Dougie D]
I ain't even fin to be the one to sell it to ya
I'ma tell it the way it is, the way it's gon be and the way that I'ma give it to ya
Time rolls by, friends turn into foes and some jump fly
While you been looking for love, in the wrong damn spots
If I said it then I meant it, if I did it then I did it now fuck it bring on defeating
I'm trying to live my life, peeping reality smoking ooh la la
Knowing that everything's gonna be alright, thugging all through the night
And the other way I can, having my whole mind dying
Best believe that I'ma mash for it, cause that's what I do
And I'ma continue to do it, until my time expires for it

[Hook: Russell Lee]
Keep living your life
And everything will be alright
Thugging through the night
We watching time roll on bye

[Tony Montana]
Actions, spoke louder than words
I remember yesterday, my life was posted on curbs
Some of my comrades didn't make it, but they soul survived
Closed my eyes kept on punching, kept on living my life
Watching time roll by, I seen some things that's worth to argue
I turn to the streets, I handle up without no hesitance
I pledge to this, all of my blood sweat and tears
Dedication while I'm facing big tension, like that for years
Against all odds, with my pistol facing my fears
Reminiscing on my past, and all of my fallen peers
So here's some liquor for your system, shoot for the sky
No matter what keep living, cause time rolls by

A lot of niggaz living it shife, since the game changed
Hard times, keeping a nigga ready for anything
I don't wanna kill but if it come down to it, then I'ma blast on contact
Then I'll make em fall flat, you don't wanna see that
Please believe me, pain and stress in me lately
Will I ever smile again maybe, I don't wanna hurt no more take me
Niggaz be shady, but I'ma Maab on till I'm finished
Watching my enemies diminish, one by one while I be feeling relentless
In the middle of the night, feeling like I'm gon die
If I don't then I remain, watching time roll by


Even if I fall, I raise up in my life
If it get too much, I blaze up in my life
Don't need no haters, just real in my life
Fake busters might try, to put steel in my life
Smoke nothing but dro, lil drank in my life
'Member when it was the Penn, with shanks in my life
'Member when I had ends, with hoes in my life
Plenty codeine, and plenty lime O's in my life
Time rolls by, and I still got my life
Might be damn near a bitch, but I still got my life
And I can't die, long as I'm living my life
I love time, but no time for prison in my life

[Hook - 2x]

(Russell Lee)
Keep living your life
And everything will be alright
Thugging through the night
I'm watching time just roll on by
And by, and by
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