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Hid'in Lyrics

Guerilla Maab – Hid'in Lyrics

[Hook - 2x]
If you a person, and that's hiding
Nowhere to run nowhere to hide, be careful how you live
Cause once you lay it down, baby ain't coming back
So when you come through this bitch, hell yeah we coming strapped

Motherfuck I heard a trumpet blow, what happened to the sun my nigga
First on and five coming out the sky, nowhere to run my nigga
Could it be the final call, prepare to be judged
But if it's Armageddon and you weaponless, prepare to be slugged
Ducking and dodging, the soul snatchers
Refusing the mark of the beast, on my head and my wrist
Leaving demons dead in they own piss, until I lay me down
Motherfuckers looking for no one but the harmed, gon stay underground
Up in the Rocky Mountains laughing at us, when we try to run
And ain't no fearing beef on God liers, speak the truth or ton
One foot on the water, one on the land, there's no more time
Ain't no more struggling, no more poverty and no more dying
Nigga get your life right, by living your life right
Cause going against the grain, gains prison in your life right
One hundred and forty-four thousand, are gon make it
Wonder how the rest of us, outside the gate gon make it

[Hook - 2x]

Feels like my time is over
I gotta survive, and I ain't trying to face up with Satan
I know I'm wrong for doing him in, but I put a end to they hating
Heavenly father forgive me, these demons are trying to kill me
And all that, I bet that one of us fin to be leaving
I just want to live my life, so I can make it through the pearly gates
Taking steps at a quicker pace, feeling loss and trying to find my way
But at the light pole, everybody's screaming and crying
People selling they soul to the devil, so they can live without dying
I'd rather suffer for doing right, then to suffer for doing wrong
If they come I'ma chop em all down to the end, and I'm all alone
To the word of revelation, it reveals what the world'll be
In the ways of the anti-christ, ain't no coming the G-O-D
So you better believe it's gon happen, sometime he's coming soon
Prepare for the bad life, or else you gonna be doomed
I ain't preaching I'm passing knowledge, so nigga take it or leave it
I'm telling you what I know, and in time you gonna see it

[Hook - 2x]

[Dougie D]
Heavenly father please protect us, keep us free from the demons
And all of the parasites and the leaches, and the evil creatures
What you think it's a fairy tale, it ain't no heaven or hell
Don't want to see my imagination, it get read like brale
Ain't trying to teach no lesson, but I can speak on what I know
The end is at hand, and just a man on time to give up the ghost
Did Jehovah have mercy on your kids, in the world of sin
Don't want to get caught up in the whirlwind, of all the wickedness
Leave me knighted to the pressure, but keep me free from evil
Don't want to be a victim of the firery lake, in the jungle screaming
Running and hiding ain't gon save you, try to get away from the flame
Bigger repent, this is your last chance before you leave out the game
Now when you lay it down, ain't no coming back for that final breath
Your final destination, is eternal life or eternal death
Take a look at the crooked, innovator with the life of the righteous
Some niggaz said it's over, some hold on because it's so much crisis
There's so much crisis

[Hook - 2x]
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