Like a fallen angel you came to my life
When I first saw you, it felt so right and we had everything even a child
We grew together, spent days in bed and stayed awake the nights that’s
All you ever need to get
Two broken parts built up to one perfect masterpiece

Oh no, I’ve got no place to go
We were lovers in the dreamland
But now I’m fallin’ in and out of love again
Oh no, don’t tell me that it’s over baby
I’m bleeding in the dreamland
And we lost it all, please forgive me

After the hurricane falling there was no turning back
The fast-rolling runaway train could never be stopped, or could it?
It tore the masterpiece and ran over our secret hideaway
I’m heading to the dreamland with the new perfect,
Drowning, liquid, fluid, deadly, gentle, mellow, bootilicious
Sweet, soft, fully-figured, silky, cuddly, complete escort

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Lovers In The Dreamland Lyrics

Groupie High School – Lovers In The Dreamland Lyrics

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