She's gone insane and that's a good thing
Got nothing but the high-heels on her feet
I bet she's a real love machine

Let's revel all night long together
90' kid with the hopes and cosmic dreams
Can you see our stars flashing so brightly?

Hot sand burns my feet, down in the park - that's where we meet
Hot skins melted together, the barrel strikes out now and forever
Hot milk, we're in danger to drown, this is what you call fuckin' messing around!

I'm runnin' wild in the august night, craving for those blue eyes like the ocean sky
Action heroes dead but you see we're still breathing
The sun creeps down and tries to hide; I'm here for the blue eyes like the ocean sky
The shooting stars are gone, the rain of fall has driven away them all
She's got blue eyes, like the ocean sky

Spend the night in a phone booth for a booty call
Surrealistic underground dreams after all
Cause we both used to party like rock 'n' roll stars

The rainy soho night walking
The curtain of summer is falling
Your glory hole peep show still warming... Me up

She's coming down from the heaven
Just to turn me loose
She's coming down from heavens just to turn me loose
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Eyes Like The Ocean Sky Lyrics

Groupie High School – Eyes Like The Ocean Sky Lyrics

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