First night we met you tried to play the part to bring me home
Just a conquest
I should have known
In you came a-barreling like a steam train
Like a lit match to a gas main

Sinking through a focused lens
You were a fantasy
Just like pretend
Playing to your guarantee
Convinced you saw
A life with me

So this is what a lie looks like
This is how it feels
So this is what a lie looks like
Hold it in your hands

All those flags so red you draped around my feet
Piled high to plan for your retreat
Off you went
Made the choice to leave
Said it was done
Like it didn't count
Like it never was

I bought in
As you withdrew
‘Sure you're back to a life of one-night stands you're used to
Wait in time
You’re gonna like him
He’ll pull away
Leaving you to see
You’ll say

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What A Lie Looks Like Lyrics

Griffin Anthony – What A Lie Looks Like Lyrics