Verse 1-
And I'm sitting on the thought of a future- I lift the spoon towards you.
Lucky charms feel no harm little baby- I've got this rainbow for you.
Pools for eyes- your talking smile- that little thing you do.
Your clever wit has got me going because I'm still learning you.

Verse 2-
A little smirk- a breath of air- how about a game of truth or Dare?
You think you're rough and you think you're tough but baby you're just my little powder-puff.
I pamper you on this Sunday afternoon. I'll loose myself until the next full moon.
And even if the sun shines through next Sunday I'll be here with you.

And it's a sleepy Sunday afternoon. (Crawl my way back to bed with you)
A sleepy Sunday afternoon- (I know you know I know what to do)
Sleepy Sunday afternoon- (crawl my way back to bed) I got no Monday morning attitude for you

Verse 3-
Peek-a-boo I see you hiding underneath the covers,
But I'm still tired from our pillow fight last night (bruised and broken -jaw's still swollen)
You pack a punch but I love you so much- your number one my tackle football queen. So take, take, take a... Take a walk up stairs...



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Sleepy Sunday Lyrics

Griffin Anthony – Sleepy Sunday Lyrics