Back on the train again,
Thinking of the things we did
Feeling broken, loss for words.
But I swear, I will be back again.
The memories I left behind,
So far away but always on my mind.
On my mind and I feel fine,
Because it's a matter of time.

Right back to work again,
Tired of that old routine
Tired of that so called scene.
But I swear, I'm really almost there.
Something different time for a change,
No worries now I know the perfect place.
The perfect place for you and me.
The perfect place where you'll feel safe.
The perfect place for you and me.
I found the perfect place for you and me to be.

Back on the train, come back again,
So far away, come back again.
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De Heeg Lyrics

Grey Area – De Heeg Lyrics