The man who discovered fire,
Was probably burned at the steak
For thinking something out of line
As it is with all the thinkers
That leave all others in their wake
Recognized long after their time
Everybody knows the story of the men
Who thought that they would fly
They were laughed right off the yard
And about the greatest fighter,
Who said that he'd refuse to fight
When they tried to send him off to war
And so I thank God for those who came along
And felt it all to strong
And paved the way for all -
Before Me
The common thing within them all
Is the strength to brave the storm,
And never to conform -
Before Me
I'm realizing, some things
Just can't be compromised
When you know that you are right
It's just a simple question
Of human authenticity
Don't try to hide out of the light
I find the hardest problem,
Is those opinions around me
Some of them are poisoned from the start
Their basis lies in shadows,
Something they heard and so believed
Nothing developed in the heart
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Before Me Lyrics

Grey Area – Before Me Lyrics