Well I dreamed of us makin' love somehow
It seems your heart's the one thing I can't live without
More than diamonds, jewels, and all of those thangs
Yes your eyes; the most precious thing that I've seen

Love, ain't a question
To roll, and not pay attention
One day more the world is turning
Maybe this heart is true, all lucky clovers for you

There's a space in time which is not right now
The middle of the end we got here somehow
This love is between us for others to see
You're all just as wealthy as can be

Will you heart find space to love me
In my mind it's just not about me
There's a truth in the question
Open the door and let love in.

I feel love all around me
Time, could never bound me
I know you, you've got no questions
That's why this heart is true
All lucky clovers for you
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Hearts And Clovers Lyrics

Greg Frasch – Hearts And Clovers Lyrics