So were all left here with these dues
How ‘bout some old mellow blues

Now can we find the time of day
I hope you’ve got some time to play

So all of these things for you…
The only question is do you?....

Search in your heart and your head
Think about things you have said
Said, I’ve always been true to you
Even when playin’ the fool

Take time to decide, oh yeah
All of those tears that you’ve cried
And always to find, oh yeah
Another page turned back in time

An old timey sound
Let it just wipe off that frown
Dream about the far off days
When we can make love like we crave
So what do these things mean to you?
The only question, is do you?...

Know ‘bout the wrong and the right
At the same time feelin’ alright
It’s just about being true
Even if you feel a fool

Take time to decide, oh yeah
No more those tears will you cry
And always just left here to find
Another page turned back in time
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Page In Time Lyrics

Greg Frasch – Page In Time Lyrics