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Two Bitches Lyrics

Grand Agent – Two Bitches Lyrics

[Grand Agent]
It'sa-uh-uh-UHH! Yknahmean?
Big up! All my live niggaz
Keepin thangs in check, yknahms..

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I got what? "Two Bitches" Sayin no names
I got what? "Two Bitches" They be stakin they claim
I got what? "Two Bitches" But I ain't ashamed
I got what? "Two Bitches" I fuck 'em the same

[Grand Agent]
It's a uh, yo, yo-yo.
When I be fuckin wit my Caucasoid bitch, word up
she pull the handcuffs out then I lock the herb up
Yeah, but when I fuck my African-American babe
she want her breakfast in bed, I make the white one the maid
Now I thrust with the force of course in either case
but the black one, she always want to be in my face
So it's easy to mistake the white one for hoe
and the professional way she execute the head blow
Now, I'm a be -boy who enjoy his freedom
but It's nothing worse than having no bitches when ya need 'em
That's why I keep a pair nearby for my provisions
My wish is their command, my command is their religion
You think it's fucked up? Then it'll stay fucked up
Stay away if you feel you too good to suck nuts
I couldn't care less what you think of me
I got two bitches and them can't wait to get a drink of me


[Grand Agent]
Met the nigga bitch cruisin in the white bitch car
told her give ya pussy to me, you'll be a big star
And I try to be a man of my word so what I did
is told the white bitch to work a double shift, I need the crib
Invited forty niggas to the spot no doubt
and broadcast the VHS of me bussin it out
Niggas all on the dick for like a good two weeks
tryin to know how a broke nigga keep two freaks
I met the white bitch at this open mic café
When I was done spillin my spill, she walked my way
and said the poetry was like Spanish fly in her drink
I could tell before dawn I would be in the pink
So it was just formality we chit chat for a while
On the way to her rest, I stop off for Lifestyles
She was bent totally, so I pushed the Ac' gunnin it
She passed out, that's when I met the black one and shit


[Grand Agent]
It's a uh, what.
And listen up, one paid and one dead broke
One scared of the dick, the other live for the deep throat
One dropped out and one went to college
But they both want to be the only one, do the knowledge
No bitch can be everything to a king
The bitch who recognize that, she get promoted to queen
Otherwise, they'll keep wonderin why
to them my dick is lightnin and thunder, it rain when they cry
mad tears of joy and pain for the be -boy Christ
who fell to temptation when I brought the bliss to they life
Yeah they hate to see me go even though I came to cum
It's not about the sex or the pain that I brung
We be buildin relations in between the ep's
exchangin our philosophies, gettin further in depth
But God forbid deeper than my dick go
Just enough to keep 'em happy like a faggot in Frisco
I got.. TWO bitchezzzzzzzz

[Chorus] - repeat 4X to fade
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