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Every Five Minutes Lyrics

Grand Agent – Every Five Minutes Lyrics

[Grand Agent]
When it's phenomenal, you fiend to know who produced it
Phrases frequently heard regarding new music
Who's the kid rhymin? Where he from, who's the label?
Now's a bad time to approach the turntables
Try again next millennium or some other bag
But when they jock a disc jock, it's another smash
I just hit em wit it a minute ago
On some exlusive promo to spin at the show
Twenty-five hundred heads waitin on Black Star
When J-Rocc throw your record on, you feel like Allah
Visions of my image on the stage that I'm lookin at
From the balcony to down front, I coulda took em back
Every ear spectatin inside the palace
Hype 'cause my likeness just might bless the stylus
But that was when I was the limelight addict
Nowadays, gettin music added is my habit
The kind you wait on to debate on, or hate on
Ever since the ad wit the street date on
And now the future can't come quick enough
Promotional bandits out stickin mad stickers up
They got graffiti ? all city
The anticipation keep clerks at Fat Beats way busy
Long for the day of reckoning
We make it so that when the album drop
You cop nuff respect again

[Chorus] 2x
And now you want it like every five minutes
You recognize vintage when I spit it
From the Illadel side all the way to Venice
No flaws, no blimish, you lust for it endless

[Grand Agent]
Word life, thought you heard it last month but wasn't sure
Now you so salty, what you lent it to your cousin for?
Not that you thought you would see it again
Lent the mixtape you hate, either one that you lend
Or is it the same joint that's on your box now?
When your man's ridin shotgun, point out the style
Then he turn it down, speakin on some pigeony shit
Like the whip wasn't yours, like you let him forget
So you scrape up some manhood and give him a look
By the time you turn it back up, you recognize the hook
Meanwhile inside your Honda, the gonga go clockwise
'cause you from the markets where private stock risin
Fall by the bounce 'cause you bounce hard and plastered
It's the same joint, it just sound better mastered
Try to tell brothas but you couln't recollect
How my newest labors went, you just knew it was correct
Caught a line here, a verse there
But the flow, you couldn't do justice
Told them "Look, all I know is Grand came wit it
He followed up like a publicist"
You're still thinkin 'bout the tape your cousin covered it
But can you blame her, it is off the gauge
Required listenin for livin in the Grand Age
It's like that...

Chorus 2x

[Grand Agent]
Now I'm like Wyatt Earp, come through, quiet your turf
Get your city up in the arms wit the science I birth
I'm oxygen, my coast to yours
Line the meaning up wit the jetstream and get it across
It's all about asthetics, the sound
Satisfaction is my attribute
The proper noun, hands down
It's the retail spots known as the Grand Agent
See me at the in-store, hear me at the station
Feel me at the concert, live is the preferred way
Fuck what you heard, only a herb'll say wordplay
Now you found out the livest sound out but sort out
That be mine, your shit wasn't thought out

Chorus 2x

And now you want it every five minutes....
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