Gasp in horror, as I make you bleed profusely
Deep red lines carved, painful trenches in the flesh
I smell terror dripping from your every pore
Penetrated countless times
Each stab deeper than the last
Spewing while you collapse
Blade thrusted into the gut
And ripped across from side to side
Organs spill as skin divides!

Stuffing in your intestines, falling from the laceration
Deeply punctured through the throat, jugular ejaculating

Balls chopped off, shoved in your mouth
Asshole stabbed, life comes pouring out

Horror seething, gored and bleeding, Shredded flesh overflowing, razor
Cleaving, existence fleeting, Pool of crimson overflowing, Facial features
Stained with pain, Violently I make you drain
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Bleeding Profusely Lyrics

Gorgasm – Bleeding Profusely Lyrics