Dripping with defecation
Panties soaking with desire
Excreta gazed on fingertips
Feces shared upon each others lips
Spread apart with lustful ardor
Enticing scent rises sweet and repugnant
Hungry holes ache for sick fulfillment
Shit-hole winks with putrid feculence
Grinding labia locked together
Nipples roused to swell and harden
Pubes gnashed in wild abandon
Crotches raw from pussy friction
Captured in the throes of pleasure
Gashes gushing rank secretions
Bodily functions brought to failure
Anus wrought incontinent
Soft serve snakes emerge
Fecal phallus sucked like cocks
Bathed in blasts of searing ass piss
Cunts impaled on shit

Tits fucked with giant logs of shit
Smeared upon their swollen clits
Burning as they're drenched in anal climax
Gas sucked directly from the ass
Spread apart as chunks are passed in large segments
From a tortured anus
Savored on their tongue
Flavor of their dung
Stinking rectal birth
Cuckolds filled with girth
Whores finger-fuck their dirty cores
Bulging with hemorrhoidal sores
Cracked and broken seeping blood and feces
Tits fucking with giant logs of shit
Smeared upon their gapping slits
Penetrated with a massive stink log

Defecate to please
Snorting rectal breeze
Fecal fetish feast
Fucked with pure disease
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Lesbian Stool Orgy Lyrics

Gorgasm – Lesbian Stool Orgy Lyrics