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Wait For Me Lyrics

Goonew – Wait For Me Lyrics

Hah, Goonrich (Goonrich Urkel nigga)
Goonrich Urkel
Hah, bands, hold up (Goonrich)
I ain't got no lean
Sick as hell, goin' through withdrawals
Fuck it

[Verse 1]
Junkies they coming, uh, yeah they wait for me
I got the money, uh, them bitches, they wait for me
Goonrich Urkel, I'm waitin' patiently
I got the money, watch how they chasing me
Uh, too many hundreds on me, think I'm scammin'
Goonrich Urkel, hit him with that blam
I ain't crip walkin' nigga, but I'm dancin'
Pop a perc-20, yeah bitch I'm jammed
Too many bodies, had to change the channel
Blow a nigga block up, blow a candle
17, caught a body, had a blammer
Slid on his block, I slid up in that Caddy
I was the one the junkies really want
Don't slide in a foreign, I slide up in a trunk
Too many hundreds, hit her with that uh
Fuckin' that bitch, I fuck her from the front
Givenchy polo, bitch I wear what I want
Them Dior runners, bitch I'm spendin' a dub
Don't ask me what I'm doin', I'm sippin' that mud
Them fifties on me, I ain't spendin' the dubs
Yeah, serving the crack rocks
Serve out the parking lot, I got the best rocks
Uh, uh, make sure the door locked
Trap out her house and I swear that's a trap spot
Uh, uh, shooting that five-five
Hit him in the head with the fifth, that's a dot dot
Uh, uh, she a lil thot thot
Fuckin' her face and I swear that's the right spot
Goonrich, goonrich, serve her like Popeye's
Fuckin' her face and I swear that's a nice spot
Fuckin' her friend, yeah the one with the nice thighs
Jammed off the perky, she screamin' like ah-ah
I was the one serving Auntie at night time
You a lil' bitch, you don't shoot with the five-five
Slime his ass, wipe his ass, yeah I'm the nice guy
Seven six twos hit him right in his eye-eye
Uh, too many hundreds on me, break the bank
Fuckin' that bitch, I made her change her name
Goonrich Urkel, yeah I'm selling pints
I got that Wockhardt, make you think
You sipping on green, nigga you don't think
Fucking your bitch and send her to the bank
You think I'm gangbanging, nigga but I ain't
Hundred band jugg, I hide it in the safe
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