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Slide House Lyrics

Goonew – Slide House Lyrics

What the fuck?
Fuck it
Gang, nigga, gang
Gang, gang, gang

Yeah, pull up on a nigga strapped, huh
Pull up, I'm strapped, get dipped, yeah
.223's make him flip, huh, yeah
Come in apartment, get your ass dipped
Slide and then double back
Glock-23 ain't givin' no kickback
Set his ass up and the thought it was a kickback
Bake me a cake, back door at the booby trap
Ooh, walk in the trap with the big racks
Get a plate, nigga, come get you a Big Mac
Walk down, run down, nigga had to get back
Yeah, Goonrich
Switch it up
Walk in the trap with a big bag
Money rag on me, I'm doin' that money dance
Hundred bands on me, I'm doin' that hundred dance
Cha-cha-cha, nigga servin' a dummy, man
Ooh, nigga better beat up the pound
Homicide shit, nigga, I'm killin' his man
Goonrich, nigga, and I came with the bag
Huh, yeah, Goonrich
Yeah, thought I was dumb?
Country nigga, serve him a dummy
Whip up the bricks of the onion
He sippin' on fu', he a dummy
Texas nigga with the onions
I'm still in the trap servin' mummies
Junkies better have my money
Yeah, Goonrich
Ooh, grab that fan, Duke got it (Hoo, hoo)
I think that's a black lie (Ho, ho)
Grab the chopper in the back (Oh, what?)
Got the pistol on my lap (Yeah, Goonrich)
Still in the hood, I'm the big homie
Packin' that pistol, I still got the steel on me
I'm fuckin' his bitch, I ain't know that your bitch on me
Yeah, let me get it back, uh
Flippin' that work on the Sprinter (What?)
Ridin' low-key and it's tinted
I need me a Beam or a Bentley
Deuce-three put his ass on the shitter
Flippin' that work and I feel like I'm Flippa
Come in apartments, you know I'ma dip 'em
Ten racks on me, that's stuffed in my denim
Chopstick don't fold, nigga, I'ma hit him
Pussy nigga, only fuck with the killers
Goonrich, bitch, and I came with my killers
Ahk shit, pop shit, stay with them killers
Yeah, Goonrich
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