On Stage at the Orpheum
Waiting for a diploma
Lookin' 'round at my classmates,
Ready to disown them.
My bags were packed, I was ready to leave,
For University-
I was moving up and out-
Out of Omaha...
It didn't last
One night I was drinking alone,
So I drove out to Denver
To visit an old friend
Who had settled down there.
I kept on driving all through the night
And threw up at dawn's early light-
Sick on caffeine pills.
My friend, he escaped from Omaha...
I never will.
I had a lover once,
She was a nomad.
I would've followed her anywhere,
So we moved out to Portland.
She was selling baggage-
I bought all I could-
And that was all it took to make my escape.
Oh Omaha,
You never looked so good.
I am leaving.
I'm sailing away.
My time in Iowa was just a holiday.
I've gotta get back over that bridge
To the town were I live-
I guess that's where I'll stay.
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Leaving Omaha Lyrics

Good Life – Leaving Omaha Lyrics