You're trying to remember why you cut all your hair. Were you trying to be someone you weren't? You don't hang around the old haunts anymore, no, all the of those bridges are burned. He doesn't' like to share you - he likes your hair short, You're not you, you're not you anymore.

So, take off that necklace he stole from his mother, it doesn't mean what it meant before. Pack up your pictures and gather all your clothes, but leave that lingerie that he bought you on the floor. It made you so awkward, you felt like a whore... it's not you, it's not you anymore.

Girl you need to be patient, the day's gonna come. You'll leave your old baggage behind. No more excuses, no more denial--you're tired, and you're drawing the line. You're nobody's lapdog, you're closing that door. You're not you, you're not you anymore. You're not you, you're not you anymore. Oh, no.
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You're Not You Lyrics

Good Life – You're Not You Lyrics