I curse the cross since I fucking fell
Out of the stench-c*** of A s*** in hell
Pregnant made by satan's c***
Then ground to shreds by hades' dog
Embryonal time I spent in stench
Fed on vermin to which I clenched
All across this river lethe
Where mortals and oblivion meet

A year I grew on this corpse rotten
Deserted when it was downtrodden
Thoroughly shaped as A bastards pure
I stank of evil like does A sewer

The christian relics pulverized
An abbot's body brutalized
Burn all down incinerate
Seek your foes to mutilate
Right behind the vatican-Lock
Rape the corpse of popycock
Take his gut's analysis
All by his metal crucifix

Dragged before my maker's throne
I vaguely senced his monstruous tone
Then I was carried to fields of battle
Towards A place meant as my cradle

Into the cauldrons of warlocks dark
I tasted the blood of the angel arch
A bible burned on my skin so bare
Crossing the glimpse of A dead's skull's stare

My shoulders bursted as batwings grew
Half men half demon to hell brand new
Acknowledged that I was the chosen
My wrath unveiled through my looks frozen


Woe who'll cross my lustful vice
I'll touch thee cold and sodomywise
I shoam of evil of necrolust
Infernal butcher for blood on quest

For satan holds my soul and fate
Possess his cold black blood to hate
To thwart what's blessed by profany
To show to men god's tiranny

Thrice the six, I'll be his seven
Your armours on oh foes of heaven
Let's masturbate upon their wealth
That limbs and dicks may suit your belt yeah!!!
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Worship Me Lyrics

Goddess Of Desire – Worship Me Lyrics