By the devil I'm possessed
My loyalty to him shall last
At the strike of twelve I'll rise
My sword in hand to agonize
To rape in wrath all I see
Till cruel death's my final plea
Demon fight near me tonight
Satan kill to bring delight

I sodomize my steal
Unholy circumcision
Satan's wrath they feel
Diabolic demolition

Unclit all holy concubines
Starting mary s*** devine
Cathedrals rumble total loss
Massage my guts with holy cross


The words inri I changed to shit
I had to laugh I must admit
In the name of satan's mouth
I booze my venom do it loud

For I'm coming yeah
The time is there
The seeds of hate
The heaven's share
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Diabolic Demolition Lyrics

Goddess Of Desire – Diabolic Demolition Lyrics