Parallel to me, guilty of everything that endures you
Come and drift of with me voice of sanity...
Immunity a voice of sanity impulse controls you
Come and drift off with me voice of sanity
I'm lost within time...
Time... Time... Complex thoughts are parallel to what's inside.
Cut gash lacerate no time sedate
The wait will fuel my ache, precious prize is at stake
Show your rainbow
Show the stars in the sky your alive now
Resize the prize strange days, wrong time, short lived,
Blurry eyed, steal his demise
I have no place to go... I just want you to know
Know that qualified me insane
Guide me through halls of this insanity...
Rid me of the sorrows that you've shown me
Crawl away from this decay and throw away,
Falling from the dream is done, it's just begun.
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Voice Of Sanity Lyrics

Gizmachi – Voice Of Sanity Lyrics