Start the show
Start the show, this is a burning hole
Derived straight from the night to the
Darkest soul, his thoughts are bold
Cold mythologically told, yes the demons
Arrived and he's taken control... People show

Bleeding from my knees I climb this mountain
Of disease until it's cleaner than your
Virginal twat rot, sold returned and
Eventually burned disgusted thoughts pollute
Your insight... Start the show
Sky will fall and the birds won't fly
It's a plague an evolution of the mind
Come die inside, tyrants call and
His words burn my... Devastating thoughts
In this volatile mind
In my mind when he calls to me in the never-ending
Voice of fire and greed, it's what he says
Before he claims your friend then he deems
You dead, he wnats nothing more, come temp me
Come and play with the end

It never rains, it always remains the same
Mind strapping
Void all love
Forever's long enough
He most wanted to confess and he's diluted and repressed
And he's painting pictures while possessed is what he gave me
And now ashamed because he plagued me
Now I'm wrong
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People Show Lyrics

Gizmachi – People Show Lyrics