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Pistol P Intro Lyrics

G Herbo – Pistol P Intro Lyrics

[Intro: News Clip]

I'm that same nigga from that gangway tryna' kill shit
I wanna buy my mom a bigger home, put my niggas on and be still rich
You don't know nothing about that cause you a fuck nigga, I do real shit
If you in the streets got to watch niggas shooting Glocks with you, they a still snitch
Everybody finna' feel this
I can't trust a soul, niggas suspect
When I had no money, I was yo buddy
Started counting commas, now you upset
Where was niggas at when I was low budget, no buzz, out here doing nothin'?
Niggas love to bring up when they was around back when you was down, now you stuntin'
Fuck niggas, I don't fuck with niggas
All my niggas know what's up
No Limit MB, 150 dream team, we the gang, free the gang
RIP my niggas, it won't never be the same
I'mma jump in the game for the dollars and I want money, don't need the fame
I'm riding and smoking and speeding and sipping on codeine to ease my pain
I'm honest
I tell everybody, they know that I need the lean
Fly nigga
I stay in designer, laced up from Paris and Italy
Foreign belt holding my Robin's, filled up with all of these Benjamins
Young nigga
I came from the bottom, didn't ask nobody for anything
I grinded my way to the top and no, I don't owe no nigga anything
And when I get outta the game, fuck nigga you better remember me
Pour a 6 of the drank and that fanta in my cup almost darker than Hennessy
Weapon is on me for all of my enemies
Go get you some money lil' nigga, don't know why you envy me
I get to the cake, don't got time for no silly beef
Hundreds and fifties take all of my energy
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