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Me Lyrics

G Herbo – Me Lyrics

GANG! L's... shoutout my squad man
150 Roc Block man
Got a whole lotta hunnids on me, lotta guns
On us man... ain't no fuck niggas come before ma
Squad, no bitches man
What bitch come before me? Haha
R.I.P. my niggas...Welcome To Fazoland The Mixtape

I got this .30 on me
Let a nigga try to run up on me
I'mma blow this whole damn .30
Yeah that nigga tried to run up on me
I got all this money on me
Yeah I know you wanna run up on me
I got a hollow tip for any one of these
Hunnids that I got up on me, pussy
These niggas love it all, these bitches want it
Bitches want me
And my niggas got all these hoes
But a bitch'll never come before me, pussy
I ain't got no money on me
I only got a couple hunnid on me
So if I buy me some weed and some lean
I ain't got no more money on me, pussy

[Verse 1]
All this money, these hoes, these clothes man
It don't mean shit to me
Wanna be the youngest nigga wit a hunnid fifty M's
Bitch I'm tryna make history
But I always gotta keep this .30 on me
Nigga that's Black History
No safety, if a nigga run up on me nigga
Now he Black History
You can catch me on the block all day
Better check my history
Big blunts remind me of the block
Hallways smelt just like piss to me
And I cough so long, cause the smoke so strong
That's why I gotta sip the drank
Bitch asked me "Herbo why yo cup so pink?"
I said "that's that mystery, bitch!"
How the Act had me gone like that
That's a unsolved mystery
When the Jakes ask me how they man's got whacked
That's an unsolved mystery
Out in traffic niggas know Duwop got the Gat
Bitch it ain't no mystery
And every time I leave the house, got the strap on my side
Bitch it's like my hip to me


[Verse 2]
Niggas know imma feind for the pants wit the wings
Yeah that's a couple hunnid on Jeans
Niggas know imma feind pourin' 8's of the lean
Nigga that's a couple hunnid on drink
Can't tote anything ho under .17
'Cause I got alotta hunnids on me
Duwop got the Neen that's totin' .17
Smoke a nigga if he run up on me, bitch!
Me and the bros ran thru alotta ho's
But a bitch'll never come before me
And these ho's ain't shit I'll feed
Tell the bitch she out of luck if she come before me, GANG!! And nigga you can still catch me over east
Even though I'm the hottest in the streets
Pelle Pelle on my back, Robin Jeans on my ass
And you know I keep Prada's on my feet
Shootin' shit we scorin', D-Wade wit the Thunder
And you know I'm like Ibaka wit the Heat
"Herb how you like Ibaka wit the Heat?"
Shoot a nigga wit the choppa' till he sleep
Blue tips sittin' all up in the FN
Wet a nigga like he hoppin' in the sea
Then I'm back on the Ave
Wit a mouth full of glass can't serve
Unless you coppin' it from me bitch!

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