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Ain't For None Lyrics

G Herbo – Ain't For None Lyrics

Only thing I fuckin care about is money and me
And I swear to god a bitch can't get no money from me
And every nigga thats with me keep a gun
Bet not run up on us cuz we ain't for none
We ain't for none fuck nigga, we ain't for none over here
We ain't for none, we ain't for none over here
We ain't for non fuck nigga, we ain't for none over here
We ain't for none, we ain't for none..

[Verse 1]
We ain't for none
Lil bro blow heat for fun
Posted up with the L's
Gotta whole lotta shells we'll feed you some
And then the peoples come
Nigga I ain't see none
We dont know no names
I ain't see no gun
I can't be build no case, I ain't snitchin
I can see a nigga face that they bitches
I won't look in thru ya eyes, you ain't wit it
Thats the reason Ion pay em no attention
See this bezel on wrist, yea it glisten
If you reach ima have to do a sentence
Cuz my ear a couple g's not to mention
It look like I took my neck to the dentist
All I think about is Jackson's and Bentleys
All I think about is Franklins and Semis
And my car look like a teg with a hemi
And C Money got a tech with a 50
Now we ridin thru the opp shit
Red beams, Glock shit, hollows tryna drop shit
The police can't stop shit
And lil bro gon drop a body
I ain't even gon drop this .. GANG!


[Verse 2]
Only thing I care about:
Money, hoes, cars, clothes
Sike, that shit dont mean shit to me
And thats on Roc's soul
Boy im in this shit wit my niggas
Give a fuck about shit, but my niggas
OG, Grandma, and my sister
And everybody that I lost to that trigga
Nigga I can't die by that trigga
So I gotta stay behind that trigga
Lil Mally, he behind that trigga
Smith and Wesson designed that trigga!
And you know I gotta plan for my niggas
Damn right, I blow bands with my niggas
You can catch me all in Ninas
Gucci, Louie, Ferragamo I be swagged out nigga
Robin Jeans, I wear all that nigga
Still catch me in all black nigga
Run up on him with the mac
50 hollows go BRATT
Catch all that nigga
Now im on the 8 block and we posted
You know lil bro still got that toasta
Better ride thru wit ya flag out
Cuz we got the mags out
Dont get ya car flipped over

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