I love my haters
And all my haters hate me
They hating they hating they hating
Don't know how to show love
That's why they always hating on me
That's why they hating
They hating they hating
Because I'm winning
Cause I'm winning I'm winning I'm winning
That's why they hating
They hating they hating
That's why I'm winning
I'm winning I'm winning
That's why they hating
They hating they hating

[Verse 1: Shaun Linen]

Haters I love' em
I thank' em
I often wanna embrace' em
If you love me quit the staring
Nigga say' somethin'
Only time a nigga say somethin'
Is to renege or hate something
Well shit I cooked a plate for' em
Don't question the timing
Or how I kill' em wit kindness
Mindless how I'm blinding
With the absence of a chain
At times I'm outta my brain
I still do my thing
Liu Kang ma come and kick it
Taebo ma come and kick it
Pick ya berries have a picnic
The mood is sickening but in a nice way
It's her birthday pass the icing
It's yours fuck what the price is
Shaun Linen I'm from the in
Mossberg he from the in
We touch down we going in
Bumpy face Hy and Henn
Baby let the games begin
Fresh L light it mayne
The liquor the women exciting man
I do it I did it I got it man
Who ya know deuce deuce gone kill it like that
Riddle me that?
Life gives you lemons lemonade
Life gives you hoes ya pimping mayne
Should've never gave yall niggas pro tools
I told them now I told you
You weak rappers is old news


[Verse 2: Mossberg Fresh]

What's good hater what's good hater
You hate me because you ain't me
You hate my art my picture is vivid
Yes it is hd
It's hd that lately they love me but can't show it
So instead they rather hate me
They tried to degrade me
They tried to de-bread me
They wanna be head me
Wanna see me fall
So for them I ball
I ball never fall
I'm cold like D. Rose
I fly past these niggas
I surpass these niggas
I perfect my craft
I out craft these niggas
Seen clean threw they disguise
I de-masked them niggas
I know it hurt that I was blessed from birth
With skills that's worth more than gold
With the desire of diamonds
They scared I'ma get the boat plane and the island
I know it's ya job to be on my nobbs
Like corn on the cobb
So haters get on ya job
And slob on my nobbs like corn on the cobb
Like corn on the cobb

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They Hating Lyrics

Fresh Linen – They Hating Lyrics