[Intro: Mossberg Fresh]

Shout out to the Sky Boys

[Hook: Fresh Linen]

My fro grow my doe grow
Fro grow my doe grow
Fro grow my doe grow
Grow grow
My fro grow my doe grow
Fro grow my doe grow
Fro grow my doe grow
Grow grow

[Verse 1: Mossberg Fresh]
My fro big my dough big
It's so big I dreaded up
Breaded up so shut it up
I just wanna stack lettuce up
All black what the juice is
D. Rose what the shoes is
I can do what ever I want
Cause I am team no kids
Gotta keep it playa
Game sharp like a razor
Man my game so cold
You' a swear I'm from the Himalayas
Lemme talk my cool slang
Hit a freak wit dat boomslang
Might stroke yo boo thang
She Chose me keep cool mayne

[Verse 1: Shaun Linen]

Bad bitch I'll make her over
Hot track I'll make it over
Destiny tell Fate it's over
We told yall we taking over
Cooking dance no baking soda
You can bet ya watch dat the wait is over
Got sheep's hair cause my sheeps in order
Mary Jane for my sleep disorder
This s***s so crazy I should name it
Mo' Money uhhh call it Wayans
I'm in it for the Jacksons no reference to Michael
We only make hits nigga now we're talking Michael


[Verse 2: Shaun Linen]

My doe tight my fro tight
All black on out all night
Riding wit my Dallas chick
I'm on purp her shape Sprite
Livid I kill it burn off in a lemon
For all those who say they winning
Open ya door we came to get it
Came to get it finish business
Can't leave no loose ends
Every breath I dedicate to my dividends
And my closest friends
East Haiti we so in here mayne
Hair long no tattoos
I know how these cats move
Eye open at all times
Prepared for that jack move

[Verse 2: Mossberg Fresh]
Jack move you heard the man
Get ya money flicking hands up
At the crib they flipping checks
They tryna get they bands up
Shout out to the Sky Boys
They cook the beat
I eat it up
You' a swear I was Mike Tyson
The way I corner the beat and beat it up
Remember when I worked at Subway
And I was grinding on that slave shift
I respect what Kanye said
When he said it felt like a slave ship
Grew my hair my powers back
I open up and devour tracks
My yellow chick bringing natural back
I'm Ray Bans to the chick wit tracks

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Fro Grow Lyrics

Fresh Linen – Fro Grow Lyrics