Tell me why you want to go
And why you feel so bad
Tell me 'cause I need to know
The reason why you 're sad
I will try to guide you
And make things right
The road we share is long and steep
The ocean wide and deep

Forget all the tears and sorrow
I'll show you the world tomorrow
I've been where you are right now
But I made it through somehow
I'll tell you a different story
We're lost without hope and glory
You'll see tomorrow with me

[Verse 2:]
I don't know where trouble goes
I don't know what to say
Why it harms the sweetest rose
But trouble leaves today
I will always hold you
No matter what
This narrow road was made for two
It was made for me and you
Hope you know I'll understand
I was freed by own hands
We're a different story
Hope and glory!
You and me!
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Tonight We Love Lyrics

Freddy Martin – Tonight We Love Lyrics

Songwriters: Bobby Worth, Ray Austin, Freddy Martin
Tonight We Love lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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