Managua, Nicaragua
- words by Albert Gamse, music by Irving Fields
- as recorded in New York November 15, 1946 by Guy Lombardo
and His Royal Canadians

Managua, Nicaragua is a beautiful town
You buy a hacienda for a few pesos down
You give it to the lady you are tryin' to win
But her papa doesn't let you come in

Managua, Nicaragua is a heavenly place
You ask a seorita for a 'leetle' embrace
She answers you, "Caramba! scram-ba bambarito"
In Managua, Nicaragua, that's "No"

I have been to many tropic ports
I might include even Brooklyn
If you're ever feelin' out of sorts
I'd like to recommend a look in...

Managua, Nicaragua, what a wonderful spot
There's coffee and bananas and a temperature hot
So take a trip and on a ship go sailing away
Across the agua to Managua, Nicaragua, olgua to Managua, Nicaragua, ol?
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Managua Nicaragua Lyrics

Freddy Martin – Managua Nicaragua Lyrics

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