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One Eighty Seven Lyrics

Freddie Gibbs – One Eighty Seven Lyrics

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Yeah, these are the tales that I tell so well
I hit this new chick named Michelle in my 6-8 Chevelle
And yo, last week it was Michelle, but this week it's Monique
Who had the best, yo, I can't tell, both them hoes was some freaks
That bitch one-eighty-seven, that shit one-eighty-seven
Put me to sleep, got that killer pussy, go call the reverend
Push up the coast, watch her pussy pop in my 9-11
I'm standing tall, got me busting off like a loaded weapon

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]
That bitch one-eighty-seven
That bitch one-eighty-seven
That bitch one-eighty-seven
Got that killer pussy, call the reverend

[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
That bitch one-eighty-seven, fucked in my '87
Hotbox my Chevy, we posted up for the smoking session
Won't take your chick out to dinner but I eat that bitch for breakfast
Hit her with that dick in the morning, leave all my bitches stressing
Fuck all these acting-ass bitches, ratchet-ass bitches
Sign my name in bloody murder, bitch, I autograph bitches
Know some niggas 'round my way that might spend all the cash with ya
Hope I treat you for a day then drop you with your last nigga
But don't be scared to bust it open for me
Bring that shit back in slow motion for me
Dropping bucket naked for this money
Got all my bitches checking for the money

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]

[Verse 3: Freddie Gibbs]
These are the tales that I tell so well
I hit this bitch in A-T-L, she was from Riverdale
She fucked with ballers, I could tell from her hair to her nails
Can't say goodbye, that pussy fye like it was dope on a scale

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]

[Verse 4: Problem]
Watching you swing around the pole'y
While I be taking these shots like Kobe
Just ordered a bottle of cham
Please come ringing around the rosey
Don't bring her around the homies
She thicker than stogies
I eat her like hoagies
Knowing ain't good for me like snitching the police
But I just keep calling that bitch
Pop a band, let it fall in that bitch
Take her home, get dome
Zip then rip there and leave it all in that bitch
I get mad when niggas calling that bitch
Almost had a nigga caught in a twist
Done near lost my girlfriend for that whirlwind start falling and slip
Better back up though
I can't fight, she gon' get it back up though
Killer with the head, call it cutthroat
Bust a nigga head, is it love, no
She come real quick when I fuck slow
Fuck slow, fuck slow, fuck slow
Still here cause my fucks slow
It's daddy's little slut though

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]

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