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My Nigga Lyrics

Freddie Gibbs – My Nigga Lyrics

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Straight water-whipper
Through the pillow how I deliver
Almighty moving this mafia godfather figure
Price is on me couple of dollars gonna put me in the dirt
Fuck these suckers I bet these backwoods kill me first
Pull up on these bitches and hit reverse we out the sidewalk
Fully immersed and money in murder can't take my mind off
My homie John Will caught the case so we took some time off
Feds is infiltrating the fort gotta shut the grind off
Hit me a lick it hit then hit the switch tryna to flip this shit legit
Go Gabbanas at the zaza I fucking my Texas bitch
Baby mamas, girls, wives of ball players wanna ride with us
We all sinners, may God save us from these times my nigga
I'm down to grind with you and go out like a man
I can't lay down to die with you
Sacrifice my education for watches, chains and bracelets
And I seen more funerals than graduations
We're living life the fast way time racing pass me
Down to be a problem since the day my mama had me
Judge throw some time but I just smile take it gladly
Wood on my dash with the gas in my ashtray

I just wanna ride and survive my nigga
And make it through these times ride or die my nigga
I just ride and survive my nigga
And make it through these times ride or die my nigga
I just ride and survive my nigga
And make it through these times ride or die my nigga
I just ride and survive my nigga, my nigga
And make it through these times ride or die my nigga

[Verse 2: G-Wiz]
All my niggas real niggas I got beef then them boys
Ready to kill niggas rolex D with their heat
Ready to peel niggas hit your street anybody sleep
They decease when we creep sweeping cowards off their feet
No one died niggas come on listen let's get high nigga
Ride nigga come fuck my ho man I'm too tired nigga
Mean niggas bout our green niggas
Home team first to run upon the scenes nigga
Clean niggas, Louie V leather fatigue
Sipping lean niggas MOB my team strictly 'bout their cream nigga
No love for the lame niggas, big chain niggas gang bang niggas
Came from living life the fast way time racing pass me
Niggas stay on the leak cause I've been out here on my ass man
All night on the corner with my stash in the trash can
Vesting weather you young niggas is blasting
But I just wanna ride

[Verse 3: D-Edge]
And survive fuck what the law say
Murder and lurking clothes curtains here that's all day
Psychic with the paper I listen to what my palm say
Gotta get real acquainted with my buck the sun spray
For the pray and these vultures gotta pay attention
Of the way these niggas move cause you never knew what they thinking off
Way of from you punished the victim or be the victim of
So you force to choose what side of the street you living on
Trying to test tray you flow just like a life jacket
Ask all these jackals on life because they life lacking
The government only give us help and life rations
They don't really care about us RIP to Mike Jackson
I play myself in this movie your lights on light action
Glock gunned and the findy belt that's my fashion
Purp twisting the brown leaf that's my passion
Inhale pine to God give me a sign and just


[Verse 4: Hit]
While I smoking on while im smoking on a loud pack
Reminiscing the scenes I committed a while back
Cause as a kid I was forced to run with a wild pack
You can't survive in the jungle unless you 'bout that
I just react when I'm caught in this sticky situation
His body language was showing sings of infiltration
The Lord forgive me I'm praying that you hear me
I'm having nightmares that the devil is out to get me
So stay with me through these try times
To live or die in G.I. I walk a fine line
Cause I see death around the corner
That's why I keep the chopper closer
He ain't constantly looking over my shoulder
These niggas bogus failed
And you a target once they found out your holding benz
A piece of harmony is a myth it ain't no holding hands
Their system don't understand I gotta overstand
But in the mean time I'm gangsta' leaning in my rover and I


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